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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Al Reet

A week after the book launch and we are pleased that Wor Al is doing so well. The launch night proved that not only was there support for Shearer himself, but for Tonto Press. The positive feedback from contributors and readers has been very encouraging indeed. It is nice to know that there is interest in what we are doing, and as a reminder, you can keep up to date with Tonto goings on by subscribing to our newsletter. So what are you waiting for?

Monica Harris and contributor Christopher Short

Again... big thanks to Monica on the night for helping raise so much money for the NSPCC. Without her, we would have modelled the signed shirt ourselves and probably raised 7 pence in the process. Cheers to my good mate Phil Hoffmann for MCing - he's a great actor and when he's not in one of my own shoddy productions, he can be found in decent plays 'n' stuff.

Phil aka Patrick Hoffmann playing Dan in Gorgeous Avatar

More thanks to all those who Paul already mentioned, and no thanks to all those friends who said they'd come along and then stayed in because of a bit of rain.

Well. There's my first Blog. Bye for now.

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