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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tonto Author Profile #3: Mark Jones

The third of the Chronicle's profiles is The Burglar's Dog author Mark Jones:

It was never the intention of pub enthusiast Mark Jones to become a published writer.

But not only has he achieved this, he has also gone on to become Tonto Press's biggest-selling author.

His book The Burglar's Dog gives honest and frank reviews of more than 150 pubs around Tyneside. Disguising himself as a dog (in the book, not in the pubs) Mark gives his own views on our region's pubs, covering everything from toilets to DJs.

"It all started on my website. I never imagined it would become a book. I didn't like the idea at first when the publishers approached me so I turned them down. But they eventually twisted my arm and I agreed, I'd just never thought of it as book material.

"It's strange seeing my book on the shelves. I don't tell people it's me so that I can stay as neutral as possible."

Mark likes to keep his identity anonymous so as not to complicate his work. For the sake of his art Mark consumed 154 pints in 154 venues over a three-month period. "I can think of worse jobs. But at one point it did get a bit ridiculous. I was drinking six or seven pints a night.

"I've been really pleased with the book's response. I never expected it to do this well."

You can read more about The Burglar's Dog and get a copy here.


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