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Monday, January 28, 2008

A textbook case of an unrealistic claim

The following letter appeared in Saturday's Guardian money pages, but is perhaps better suited to Viz comic's Letterbocks pages. Hurray to Cambridge University Press. Boo to DM from County Durham. This country, etc...

A textbook case of an unrealistic claim

Q: I sent a 10-year-old French textbook back to publisher Cambridge University Press because some pages became detached. CUP refuses to replace it or refund postage money.
DM, County Durham

A: No. Your request is unrealistic. Ten years is a good life for a textbook which you may now know by heart! Publishers have no responsibility to replace a book. A bookshop would, however, have to help with a new book which fell apart. Amazon sells the title second-hand for under £10.

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