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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Tonto launches FREE Sony Reader ebook!

Can a new-fangled ebook really compare with a lovely paperback? That's what we're hoping to find out by offering Being Normal, Stephen Shieber's acclaimed collection of short stories, in the brand new Sony Reader format, absolutely FREE. Full details are here.

We're no technological slouches here at Tonto Books - we launched our first ebook (some say electronic book) in 2006 - a short story anthology that was downloaded by more than 2,000 readers.

Now anyone who buys the paperback edition of Being Normal via our online shop will receive the ebook edition free. So you can decide for yourself whether ebooks are as good as the real thing.

Being Normal is one of the first UK trade books to be made available for the Sony Reader - newly-launched in the UK. It's basically a PDF that has been optimised to fit the Sony Reader's screen, but it can also be read on any computer using the free Adobe Reader.

You can order the paperback of Being Normal for the special price of just £5.99 (usual price £7.99) by visiting our shop. You will then receive your free e-book via email (and your paperback via real mail!). Get more details about the ebook here.


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