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Friday, May 08, 2009


Breaking news...

Today Tonto Books signed up the next novel from best-selling author, Sheila Quigley. To say I'm quite pleased would be a slight understatement! Sheila is a great writer and a great personality and I'm sure will be an excellent addition to Tonto's slate. The book is called 'Road to Hell' and will be out on 5 November 2009. We'll hopefully get a load of publicity around this signing as the rights are in place for the 'Seahills series' of Sheila's... and the relationship is set to grow.

Sheila's last books have done amazingly well so it is a real honour for me to be working with her and I'm looking forward to seeing how far we can take the novel.

It's a busy time at Tonto - Dirty Leeds will be out on 24 September, Slimmer Charlie on 1 October and Road to Hell out on 5 November.

New website is nearly here and you'll be able to buy all forthcoming titles in time for Christmas!

Thanks for your continued support.

Keep the faith.


Roger Cornwell said...

We run Sheila's web site at www.theseahills.co.uk and we've just added this exciting news plus, of course, a link to the Tonto web site. How about a link from the Tonto site to Sheila's?

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Matt Hilton said...

Congratulations to both Tonto and to Sheila - may Sheila's reign as the Northern Queen of Crime continue for a long time!