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Friday, February 01, 2008

Ashley Hames blows into Toon

Tonto author and TV star Ashley Hames was in a very cold and windy Newcastle yesterday for a photoshoot for his forthcoming book, which will probably be called 'Sin Cities: Adventures of a Sex Reporter'. The title and this 'behind the scenes' photo should be fairly self-explanatory. Obviously Stu and I had to be there to make sure everything ran smoothly, and then take Ashley out for a couple of quiet pints. This publishing lark can be a right bummer...

Thanks to Twink for taking the photos, model Natalie Overton for being a very good sport, Mark from the Officer's Deck for the venue, Steve for fixing it up, and Ashley for braving the blizzards on his first ever trip to the Toon. The book will be published in July.


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