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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rosalind Wyllie: Everything You Ever Wanted

Another new book, today it's Roz Wyllie's debut novel, released in August:

'"I'm every woman they have ever dreamt of. I'll do anything – I'll do things they didn't even know they wanted."

Tiggy's stuck in a rut - trapped in a half-life as a stripper at a Mayfair club, surviving on dope and vodka, and desperate for her married lover to leave his wife.

Scarlett is different – she's more confident, stunningly beautiful, and willing to do absolutely anything to get exactly what she wants.

Tiggy is intoxicated by the enigmatic Scarlett, following her into an arousing world of sex and excitement. But Scarlett has her own agenda, and she doesn't do anything for free. Sooner or later Tiggy's going to have to pay.

Evocatively set in the summer of 1991, Everything You Ever Wanted is a smart and gritty tale of two young women's colourful adventures in a London sex industry where money talks, and boundaries are there to be broken.'

'A sharp and stunning debut. Taut prose, original voice, visuals that crackle and shock. Wyllie trips the reader into a foreboding world where sex sells and friendships are dubious.' - Caroline Smailes


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