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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ashley Hames: Sin Cities

Some more info on one of our future publications:
Sin Cities: Adventures of a Sex Reporter by Ashley Hames

With a weakness for women, good times and binge drinking, it seemed inevitable that Ashley Hames would turn cult hero with Sin Cities, blazing a toxic trail though a minefield of debauchery and fantasy across the globe.

As clown prince of L!ve TV, he happily meandered along as News Bunny and produced such lowbrow classics as Topless Darts. A few months down the line his career had him hoisted up on meat hooks, tortured, clamped and generally trampled on in the name of entertainment. It was only when the cameras stopped rolling that it got messy.

Ashley investigates the sexual habits of some of the most extraordinary people on the planet – from the bizarre to the unimaginable – and somehow helps it all make perfect sense.

"Irresponsible, insane but inspired, the Queen should present Ashley Hames with a knighthood and a straightjacket as this fine book amply illustrates that he is equally deserving of both." - Piers Hernu


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