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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Free books!

Yep, today we are giving away free books as a little experiment in word-of-mouth. We're offering copies of Jonny Kennedy: The Story of The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off or The Rocketbelt Caper: A True Tale of Invention, Obsession and Murder to the first 50 people to contact us and offer to help spread the word! All we ask is that you tell us and others what you think of the book by posting a short review either on your website or blog, your Facebook or MySpace, your favourite forum or message board, or on a website that takes customer reviews such as amazon.co.uk or play.com. Just fill in the form here. But hurry, there are only 50 freebies up for grabs!

*UPDATE* Sorry, but the stock of free books has now run out. However, if you click on the link above - today only - you'll find a very special offer by way of consolation...


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