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Friday, May 30, 2008

Marianne's Blog - I'm Back!

Hello everyone,

It's Marianne here - remember me? For those of you with good memories you'll know I did a couple of weeks work experience with Tonto Books last summer, for those of you who don't remember, not to worry, cos now I'm back!! Not quite 'back for good' as those Take That lads crooned in recent years, but for the next couple of weeks I'm working with both Paul and Stu as a Freelance Editor. I like to think that title sounds rather posh, but really I'm doing similar work to last time.

The last few days I've been very busy proofreading two of the boys' most recent projects, an excellent collection of short stories by Stephen Shieber called Being Normal and a brilliantly written novel with a very unusual subject, called Everything You Ever Wanted by Rosalind Wyllie. They both hit the shops on the 11th August so make sure you stick that date in your diaries! All of Stephen's stories in his collection are interesting and different, but my favourite has to be one called Business Trip. This is a deeply moving, realistic and powerful story - but I'm not saying any more than that, I'm afraid you'll have to buy the collection when it comes out to find out what happens and if you agree with me!

I reckon Rosalind's novel would be a perfect book for all you ladies out there to take on your summer hols with you, as I can't think of anything better than lounging by a pool with a cocktail in one hand and this fast-paced, funny and slick book in the other, which by the way, is much better than your average chick-lit book. Besides it seems only right and natural to read a book entitled Everything You Ever Wanted when you're on your hols, as it feels like you've got exactly that when you're surrounded by the sun, sea and sand a summer holiday promises.

Follow the links below to find out more about these upcoming books:

Being Normal
Everything You Ever Wanted

Anyway, I better stop writing and get back to the proofreading, although I must admit, I really just want to find out what happens in the next chapter!!


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