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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Stephen Miller in your super soaraway Sun

Some fantastic coverage of Stephen Miller and his book Paralympian in today's edition of The Sun. The full-length piece, "Miller is the undisputed king of clubs", runs through his achievements, mentions the book and its great launch event at St James' Park, and has a quote from Kevin Keegan. Stephen is the only Paralympic athlete featured in the paper's 20-page guide to Beijing 2008. You can read it online here.

This is yet more fantastic national coverage for our key titles - in no less than the UK's bestselling newspaper. (Hint, hint retail buyers...)

Meanwhile, our friends at NUFC.com are currently running a competition to win signed copies of Paralympian, ahead of Stephen's signing on Saturday at the Back Page Shop in Newcastle. They're also displaying a very old pic of Stephen from way back in 1991...


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