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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Flavour of the month

North East Times were kind enough to give the Non-Beardy Beer Book a four star review (ack - no opportunity for any 80s band Five Star puns) in their October edition. We usually have to bribe journalists and reviewers for this title with trips to the pub or send them a crate of light ale, so it was nice to get a good review sans corruption.

The reviewer mentioned that the book is perfect as a stocking-filler, so be sure to purchase well in advance from your local bookstore or amazon. Also top of Christmas lists for Newcastle United fans this year is our 2009 Toon Diary. Mike 'Biffa' Bolam was over at Tonto Towers yesterday to sign more copies due to popular buying via our website. Buying both books will mean that the football-loving slob in your life can drink themselves to oblivion while watching the footy on Sky, can set a date for each other match on the TV and can plan the refreshments for each with the useful and informative guide*.
That's entertainment.


*Please note that the description was in no way based on an employee at Tonto Books. And please, drink sensibly.

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