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Monday, November 03, 2008

Happy Birthday to us!

Tonto Books is now officially three years old!
And of course, we haven't really had time to celebrate. It has been mad hectic at t'Towers recently as we've been concentrating on selling, making sure we're stocked, chasing buyers (literally) and hassling everyone possible to take our books.

Our ongoing ASDA contract means that our Toon Diary is now stocked in the Tyneside stores, and has brought with it all the usual headaches. If you don't know what I mean here, try phoning any ASDA store and listen to their 'on hold' music.
We're having successes at Borders, Waterstone's and have got our books into WH Smith, Zavvi and HMV this year. Also 2008 has been a great year for publicity and promotion... a load of launches and author events around the country, national publicity and our first trip to the London Book Fair. And we'll soon be at Cambridge Union Society where Ashley Hames will be delivering a talk. Oh, and we managed to get Roz Wyllie's book reviewed in a top shelf magazine.

And we're only just three years old. Not bad, eh? When are people going to take note and start sending cards, gifts and cake? Mmmm... cake.

So with Paul off with man flu today, it's just me at the office celebration as it dawned on me that we reached the big 3 in October. A few wine gums then I'm off to use the photocopier.


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