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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Some interesting links

After yesterday's long posting, I thought I'd send some links while I catch up on work.

Being Normal: The Movie

Facebook, eh? That'll never catch on. As you may know, I'm a Paul Weller fan. And for all Weller fans in Newcastle, part of his group will be playing at The End Bar on Wed 18 March. Trio Valore are Whitey, Damon and Seamus. Small venue, brilliant band.

Keep up to date with what's going on in publishing at The Bookseller website.

Bubble Cow - helping writers to write is a blog well worth following.

Always one to give a mate a mention - check out the Lego Trailer for Doomsday. Amazing attention to detail. And watch it in comparison the the real time trailer.

And if I carry on with this post, I really won't get any work done today. As if you need reminding, get along to the 9987 / Make It Back launch on Thursday 29 Jan. Opera Bar in the Gate, Newcastle, 7pm.

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