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Monday, January 19, 2009

Two New Tonto Titles

9987 by Nik Jones and Make It Back by Sarah Shaw are officially released today.

For those that have been following these titles throughout their journey to publication, it now means that you can come along to the launch party on Thursday 29 January, Opera Bar, The Gate, Newcastle, to congratulate both writers on their achievement.

Since winning Tonto's New Novelists competition last year, Nik and Sarah were mentored by Caroline Smailes and Wendy Robertson respectively. It has been a joy to work with all writers on this project, not forgetting Rosalind Wyllie and Stephen Sheiber who were published in 2008 as part of the project.

"I've always been writing. Always. First thing I remember getting in trouble at school for was for not putting my 'writing book' away. Getting published is all I've ever wanted. I'm thrilled," said Nik Jones.

The project shows how rich the north east is in writing talent. We had hundreds of entries into the New Novelists competition and the writers I see constantly breaking into the lit scene backs this up. The north east now has four new editions to that scene... four new writers with a track record in publishing, sales, events, signings, reviews and media features.

All I need to do now is give my big Radio 1-style shout outs: Roz, Stephen, Nik and Sarah the writers, mentors Caroline, Wendy and Laura Hird, Arts Council England, Tonto Paul and Editor Jill for all direct input.

Both of these new titles can be purchased from the Tonto site or on Amazon.co.uk, as can Roz and Stephen's works.


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