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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


It's not easy being a dyslexic publisher. That's why I tried to get out of the 'writing game'. It always makes for some comedy moments though.

As I've struggled to and from sick bay recently, I've answered and sent a few emails here and there... nothing too stressful and nothing that can't be helped along by a bit of chicken soup and Lucozade.

Two words that always seem to get past me are 'consultant' and 'area'. I usually quadruple-check them, commission an editor and then spellcheck again before sending. Until t'other day:

A few email replies to distributor enquiries needed swift responses. Where is Ryton? It was in the north east - in the Newcastle area - if describing to Johnny Southerner. Not anymore. It's now in the north east arse. I also once posted an arse on a true crime forum I watch regularly. Oh, the shame. I couldn't go back for yonks.

I've also worked as a conslutant. My CV says so.

As posted the other day, 9987 e-books will be mailed out soon. Once I have the energy to switch on the other PC, they'll be sent. One step at a time, eh?

Remember - SPELLCHECK!

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