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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the vampires have wings, and are half-breed angels

Couldn't resist nicking that line as the title to this blog.

I've ranted about how not to approach publishers too many times. Or not near enough, I'd probably argue (that's one hell of a mood if I argue about ranting, isn't it?)

There was an ace feature in the Bookseller recently, read all about it here. Basically, a few lit agents in the US of A had been posting Twitter feeds with the worst openers to submissions. For example: "My book is about a friendship based upon mutual vomiting practices in high school".

And there's been a bit of author backlash about it being cruel. It doesn't name and shame though and it would be great if everyone took it all with a pinch of salt, had a little chuckle, remembered their own embarrassing submissions/query letters and moved on.

A publisher friend of mine always says that publishing would be great if he didn't have to deal with authors. Sometimes he's serious, but he'd not be in business without them - same as the agents in the story.

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