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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Marianne's Blog Day 5.

Hi everyone!

It's coming towards the end of my placement now and I've just finished reading and editing the Jonny Kennedy manuscript, I feel a huge sense of satisfaction and I've only contributed a very small amount of time and effort towards getting this manuscript in a finished form, compared to the amount of time that Roger (the author) and Paul and Stu (the actual editors) have spent on this book, so I can only imagine the sense of accomplishment they must feel when one of their books is finally published.

Although I had heard about Jonny Kennedy before coming to work with Tonto Press I hadn't actually seen the channel four documentary, so for me reading about his life story and terrible condition was a completely new experience, and now that I've finished the book I feel that I have gained a really good picture about Jonny's personality. As a result I now cannot help but think of Jonny with admiration and respect - I certainly don't think I could have coped as well as him, and have handled life with such humour, if I had been born with Epidermolysis Bullosa.

In the book that is due to be published in September there is a selection of photographs of Jonny chronicling his life from when he was a baby right up to the months leading to his death. There are also several pictures which show Jonny with his mother and different friends, and below is a sneak preview of a picture of Jonny with his mother when he was a baby. The second picture below also shows Jonny with his much loved cat Terbie, and of course one of his signature hats. These are exclusive pictures that haven't been released yet, so I hope you appreciate how lucky you all are to be seeing them now!! Only joking, of course I hope you enjoy seeing them as well! And thanks for reading my blog over the past week, you've been a great audience!!

By Marianne Lund.

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