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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Drop-in at the Tonto Office

It's a sunny Thursday and I (Pete Tanton) have just dropped into the Tonto HQ, ostensibly to pick up copies of Johnny Lonely and to pick up the nifty new JL badges for distribution at my upcoming signing at Borders bookstore at the Silverlink, and have found my exit barred until I cough up a blog which will meet with the combined approval of Marianne, Stu and Paul. It looks like I'm going to be here for a while...

So, I've just been coasting along since the launch of Johnny Lonely back on July 26th - thanks to all who came and made it a success. Thanks as well to everyone who has bought the book, making it Tonto's best seller, and thanks as well for all the excellent reviews of the book on Amazon. Johnny will be happy.

Paul and Stu have been beavering away on the final edit of Jonny Kennedy: The Story of the Boy Whose Skin Fell Off, due to the printers soon. Stu has bravely come into the office after being poorly this week. The show must go on. Marianne, meanwhile, has been an oasis of calm and good cheer. She's been reading the Stephen Miller story, and has only one day left of her placement. I know Stu and Paul will miss her when she goes.

If any of you are around on Saturday, drop into the Silverlink Borders, and say hi. You might get a cool badge!

by Pete Tanton

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