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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

So, you wanna be a writer?

Yep, it's official. According to a new survey, more Britons dream about being an author than any other job.

YouGov reckon that nearly 10% of us want to be an author. The list goes on... next up is sports personality, astronaut and then event organiser. When I think of the months spent in front of my PC, sitting around in my pyjamas all day, unwashed, unshaven, with too much coffee and caffiene drinks in my system, with only the cat to talk to. Ah, those were the days. Hardly the most glamorous job in the world though, is it? The poll suggests that it is probably down to JK Rowling who seemed to bring 'sexy back' to writing. Personally, I think it may have been down to Pete Tanton with his first novel, Johnny Lonely, but it is great to see writing getting so much attention now.

There was also the suggestion that publishers and agents have had a huge increase in children's literature submissions.

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