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Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Book What She Wrote

OK, I'll stop having a pop at celebs who write books that they don't really write soon. Of course there are loads of them out there who write their own, and next up as a novelist is Coleen McLoughlin - Wayne Rooney's missus. I can almost hear the dinner time 'My book is better than your book' conversations.
The Bookseller reports that Coleen is writing a series of children's novels for HarperCollins as well as three more non-fiction titles. For those of you interested, the first is out in Spring 2008. Read the full article here.

Although fairly cynical, I am interested in Celeb Culture and am fascinated by their recent switch to novel writing. Is it such a bad thing? I don't know. I haven't read any of them, nor am I likely to, so I can't comment on their 'quality'. Probably they will be harmless enough and will work on some sort of role model level for the kids, who knows.

Where does it leave those novelists who have been slogging it out for years and years without great success, with or without an agent, looking for that big break? What about all that money you spent on your MA in Creative Writing, learning the craft, drafting your novel... all those rejections? Do you think it makes a mockery of all that blood, sweat and tears? Interesting debate.


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