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Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Boys are back in Town

Terrible blog title, I know.
So, we got back to Newcastle last night and are now taking in the last few days properly. London Book Fair? It was definitely worth going to and hopefully the contacts and meetings will mean that there will be a lot more to show for it in time. The main reasons for going for us were to strengthen our presence, discuss rights opportunities with overseas publishers and meet up with already-established contacts.
There's always the bizarre meetings... authors and agents touting their wares, printers looking for business, other publishers not wanting to talk to you without an appointment as they are 'too busy' and probably think you are one of those in my list, and of course, the socialising.
We met a few people from the North East who were passing and dropped in to say hello, met up with NEPub members and I even dropped in on John Blake Publishing to be an 'annoying' author myself (Blake is publishing my next book in August).
Roll on next year...

Team Tonto: Tonto Stu, Ashley Hames, Editor Jill, Tonto Paul


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