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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Free book winners

A week or so ago we gave away 50 free copies of Jonny Kennedy and The Rocketbelt Caper. The lucky winners are listed below, if you're one of them your free book is on its way:

Paul Gandy, Catherine Yuill, Joanne Maggs, Katie David, Stacey Williams, Emma Tallett, Lynda Shrubb, Derek Lavery, Vikki George, Mary Cronin, Carrie Ford, Vikki Colman, Vickie Kenyon, Marina Kinsman, Ali Bonham, Miss C Gregory, Amanda Stephen, Paula Wheeler, Suzie Mosson, Dave Rossiter, Sabrina Fancy, Ross Coyle, Deborah Fisher, Lloyd Sequeira, Emma Mannion, A Bowers, Victoria Mann, Samantha Nemeth, H Dudhwala, Audrey Kane, Emma Louise Felkin, N Daley, MJ Thompson, Chris Reed, Denise Soos, Jackie Cassidy, Sue Danim, Lesley Gregory, Shirley Hopkinson, Anne Murray, Shirley Donovan, Lisa Stout, Kevyn Whitelaw, Nina Timmis, Natasha Gandy, Michelle Davies.


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