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Monday, June 09, 2008

Going Solo

Well, with Marianne gone and Paul already on his hols, I'm on my Jack Jones at Tonto Towers. There's loads to keep me busy though: Sin Cities is doing well and it is only now that the hard work starts. Just like being in The Apprentice, this is where sales matter, and this is where you have to become a salesperson. But when its your own company, you can't just run around aimlessly shouting 'That's what I'm talking about!' and 'I'm one hundred per cent passionate about sales.'... none of that counts. Pre-orders and orders, following up leads, calling/charming buyers, bookstores, making sure orders go ahead - those are the most difficult and crucial calls. Then there's all the publicity to go with it, and in turn, they generate more sales. So it's all the PR elements, arranging signings, booking travel etc, contacting press, arranging interviews, following up all those initial calls, hassling, chasing up reviews and features.

We've got a few signing sessions arranged for Ashley to attend so far. I'll post them up nearer the time, as well as the other publicity we've secured. In the meantime, if you are a FaceBooker, why not join the Sin Cities Book Group where there are regular updates.

I fell a book submissions rant coming on... I'll hold back for a bit though.


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