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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Amazon price match deal

Faceless behemoth it might be, but I really like Amazon. As a reader, you can get any book in print, and some that aren't, at pretty good prices. As a publisher, your books are made easily available and get a fair crack of the whip. Amazon's huge buying power means that they can heavily discount books that they know will sell in reasonable quantities.

From today we're going to try to match Amazon.co.uk's prices in our own online store. So you can get Ashley Hames' Sin Cities for just £5.99, Stephen Miller's Paralympian for £6.99, Rosalind Wyllie's Everything You Ever Wanted for £5.99, and Stephen Miller's Being Normal for £6.39. That's up to 35% off the cover prices. (For a limited time you can also buy Everything You Ever Wanted and Being Normal together for just £10.)

You can visit our online store here.

If, however, you prefer to shop with Amazon, you can view our catalogue of books in the UK, US, Canada, Germany, France or Japan.


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