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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ashleigh's Last Blog!

Here comes the second and last blog of my two week stint here at Tonto Books. This week has seen me focus on getting publicity for Rosalind Wyllie’s Everything You Ever Wanted and Stephen Shieber’s Being Normal. This has involved creating Press Releases and mainly getting the local press involved in their books. It has proved quite successful and we have many things in the pipe line for both, so they will have a busy few weeks ahead of them, keep an eye out for it in your local papers and radio stations.

The pair also came in to Tonto a few days ago to have the promo photos taken which you can see; they took it in their stride and look like pros in the making. I got the chance to speak to Ros and Stephen and build on what I already knew, in order to sell them in the best possible way. Their books are doing really well and receiving positive reviews and they haven’t even been officially released yet.

This will be my last blog for Tonto Books, as tomorrow is my last day. I have had a brilliant time working with them and have been kept very busy. I have gained a lot of insight into publishing books, and it has not put me off one bit.


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