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Friday, July 25, 2008

Stephen Miller breaks another record

Not satisfied with breaking world records ahead of Beijing, Stephen Miller broke a Tonto Books record last night. Right, one down, now let's see how many other athletic clich├ęs I can shoehorn into this post...

We were amazed by the level of support Stephen received. You never know how many to expect at a book launch, but as we’d been at Tonto Towers all day, we’d been unaware of the TV coverage for the signing on BBC Look North earlier in the day. So setting up shop, we had a mild panic as we realised we’d have a busy night ahead of us. By the time everyone was in for the event, our Tonto Audience Reader was going off the scale at 300 plus – a new personal best for Tonto.

There were some great moments – a DVD was played to introduce the night showing Stephen winning medals where we cheered along, applauded and were silenced by some of the more poignant moments. Tyne Tees TV presenter Ian Payne was the perfect host in a This is Your Life-style Q&A session, covering some of the book’s stories in more detail. As it drew to a close, Stephen received a standing ovation and went straight back into signing mode (we hope he didn’t strain his throwing arm too much). At one point, I was amazed to see a longer queue for Stephen’s autograph than there was at the bar. How often does that happen?

Massive thanks to everyone who attended. We now have a new Tonto Books Barmy Army on hand at our events and it was nice to see the return of one particular Tonto irregular who was once in the running for ‘Ligger of the Year’. Also there last night: Boxing champ Glen McCrory, ex-Newcastle United goalie Kevin Carr, Mike McCloud and Players Inc editor, Steve Wraith. Thanks also to Jill and Caroline for helping out on the bookstall.


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