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Saturday, April 25, 2009


OK, OK...
Imagine Michael to Alan in the Travel Tavern in his Geordie accent: 'What's it aall aboot?'
I MySpaced, I FaceBooked, I left Twitter for the likes of Jonathan Ross et al to let the world know what they were having for dinner and where they were having it.

But, due to pressure from a writing friend of mine who shall remain anonymous, I decided to sign up. No idea what to do on there yet until I have a few spare minutes to go through it properly. I do believe in having an online presence and as I always tell people to promote themselves by any means necassary, it may have been worth taking the plunge. With FaceBook contact, I do actually get a lot of 'work related' messages along with all the other updates, so it is worthwhile. After work hours though.

Get me, I'll be phoning people on Skype next. Or like, getting an Ipod. Or a Sony Reader.

Ermmmmm... not.

Find me on Twitter as tontobooks. Somehow.

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Caroline said...

A photo, use the @replies and possibly consider Tweetdeck. It makes it all a bit easier.

I am rather happy to see you there :)

Stephen said...

tonot books? Typo or subversion?

Tonto Books said...

Deliberate to see who is paying attention.