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Saturday, February 07, 2009


Sarah Shaw will be at Borders Team Valley today from 12pm to sign copies of MAKE IT BACK.

Nik Jones will be there tomorrow to sign copies of 9987.

Both novels are Tontotally brilliant and are selling splendidly. Remember, you can buy these and Everything You Ever Wanted by Roz Wyllie (all temp out of stock on amazon) on the Tonto website - as well as every other book Tonto has published.

And while stock lasts: Signed copies of Sin Cities and Paralympian are still available.

VOTE VOTE VOTE for your fave current fiction title over there on the right. Why? Well, it will be available for free in electronic format next month AND the winner will also be available for HALF PRICE!!!
That's why.

More exclusive Tonto news tomorrow, if you can wait...

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