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Thursday, February 12, 2009


Many of the emails I get ask for advice on how to get published. There are also the ones who ask about self-publishing.
So - you've published your own book and then you need to get it stocked. There are so many avenues into bookstores and it is that bit harder if you are a self-published writer, but being a publishing company is no bed of roses either.

One of the best ways into a store (yes, through the door, I know) is by setting up events. You can sell direct to them and probably sell at a lower discount than wholesalers would demand anyway. Borders are the most receptive store in my experience, and I know they hold events for writers who have gone out there and done it themselves. It's a good start. A store may take anywhere up to 40 copies of your book on a sale or return basis - then its down to you to do your bit. Signings work well, author events work well - and by doing your bit I mean you have to be approachable and talk to shoppers about your book. People love meeting authors! And they'll enjoy chatting to you about it and will want a signed copy... KER-CHING! There's your first sale.

Set up a launch for it - get on mailing lists and entice people along. Again, audience = sales and you are on your way to making a profit.

You need to know that selling books to 'book buyers' - on a national level - is difficult. I often wonder how they justify their job title. If you start locally there's no reason why this won't work. I've had books sent in by writers who have sold a staggering amount of self-published work. One thing you need to do though is invest in a decent cover. I mean, you wouldn't go out to the local disco in shabby attire, so why dress your book and all your words in such a bad way? A good-looking cover will always help get your foot in the door.

A great philosopher, Mr N. Gallagher once said: 'You gotta make it happen'.
That's the best advice in the world.

And now I'm off to build a snowman.

PS - GET VOTING!! >>>>

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