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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It always happens...

From the recent newsletter:

And before you ask... submission windows for fiction are still under
review. Tonto simply can't publish fiction all the time, but is
planning to so something fictiony this year. It will be made clear
when that will be with plenty of notice.

It seemsed easy enough. Indie publisher, interested in supporting new fiction, can't always do it because new fiction is almost impossible to sell to 'book buyers', but likes to try anyway.

And then my inbox is full of 'When are you looking for submissions?' enquiries. Grrrrr. I've stopped replying to them in case I can't read the comedy tones in them and in turn sound like I'm going mad.

The simple answer: How long is a piece of string? Or to put it another way 'When will Borders/HMV and several other smaller chains pay their invoices?'

I'm just waiting for the poetry enquiries to come in...

Don't, I'm joking. Really. Don't. Vote for fiction over there instead >

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